Guide to weed edible delivery in Victorville, CA.

How do you get the best weed edible experience in Victorville, CA? How do you choose the best edibles, and what are your options? This article looks at what you need to know about weed edible.

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What are weed edibles?

Weed edibles are food products made using THC from weed as the main ingredient. Edibles include tea, brownies, cookies, marijuana drinks, and chocolate bars just to mention a few.

Why do people prefer weed edibles?

It is normal for someone not used to smoking or vaping weed to be uncomfortable with this idea of smoking or vaping weed, i.e., inhaling smoke into your body. Weed edibles come in handy here since you can eat them as regular food items without any worries about what you are putting into your lungs since they do not contain any smoke.

How long do weed edibles effects last?

The duration of the effects of edibles is highly variable and subject to many factors.

  1. The dosage: 5mg10mg, 50mg, or 100mg are the most common doses in edibles. Some people have much higher tolerances than others, so it is important to consider your tolerance when you dose. 
  2. The potency of the cannabis used: The effects of weed edibles are directly related to the amount of THC present in them. If they were made with high CBD cannabis, then they may contain lesser psychoactive effects.
  3. Tolerance to marijuana: Some users have developed a tolerance to marijuana, affecting the body’s response to edibles containing THC. Therefore, it is important to understand each person’s personal experience with cannabis and dose appropriately when eating cannabis edibles. If you feel like you need more than your usual amount to get high, it may be best not to eat any more until you know your tolerance level in case of an overdose.
  4. Metabolism: THC’s effects depend on your metabolism, meaning that two people could eat the same dosage, but one may feel much more intense effects.
  5. Food intake: Eating anything will slow the absorption of cannabinoids. Some people also report feeling a stronger effect on an empty stomach. Therefore, you should consider personal preference.

How to take weed edibles

The effects from edibles usually kick in 30-90 minutes after ingestion. So the best thing to do is be patient and see how it works for you.

After an hour has passed since taking your first dose of edibles, if you feel that the effects have peaked & are wearing off, try another 5mg or less dose to stay within the low dosage range. If you have nothing planned for the rest of the day, then this would be a good time to lay around somewhere comfortable and take it easy.

You can either decide to wait until the next day to take a second dose, but don’t plan anything too intense as the peak effects could start as late as 3 hours after dosing and last a long time depending on your metabolism.

If it’s the day after your first dose and you feel confident that you could handle a higher dosage, try starting with 10mg THC or less. If the effects of the second dose wear off too quickly for your liking, take another 5 mg or less as needed. 

It is also best to save any high potency edibles (80-150 mg) for when you have nothing planned afterward as they can give some people anxiety if not enough time has passed since taking them. 

If this happens from trying something new, relax, stay calm, and try to distract yourself until the peak effects pass, which could be anywhere between 4- hours later depending on how fast your metabolism is.

After about 3-4 hours have passed since your last dose of edibles, you should be close to being “baseline” or back to normal. This would be a good time to try something low in calories that will help settle an upset stomach.

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