Can I order pre-rolls online

If you are looking for a way to save money on your weed, pre-rolls are the perfect answer. Pre-rolled joints or blunts are often much cheaper than buying bags of marijuana flower with papers and rolling them yourself. They also provide an easy solution for those who don’t have time to roll their joints because they’re too busy or just living life! 

We’ll show you how to order pre-rolls online so that you can enjoy all the benefits of smoking weed without having to worry about any of the hassles.

What are pre-rolls

Pre-rolls are the same thing as blunts and joints, except they are already rolled for you. Pre-rolls come in either halfsies or full sizes, meaning that they are either half composed of weed or entirely composed of weed. They can also be filled with different kinds of herbs other than marijuana, such as tobacco. This way, you get to enjoy smoking pre-rolls without having to go through any guilt!

Buying pre-rolls online is getting popular due to the fact that it’s much cheaper and more convenient than buying them from a dispensary or dealer. You don’t even need to leave your house if you want to order some today! All you have to do is find an online dispensary near you, choose your favorite pre-rolls product, and purchase it. Shipping is discreet and fast, so you can start enjoying your order within a few days!

How long do pre-rolls last

Pre-rolls are compact, so they go a long way. Depending on the density, weight, and type of weed you have inside your pre-roll, it can last you anywhere from 2-3 days to over a week! The more weed there is in it, the longer it will last. That being said, most pre-rolls only take about 5 minutes to smoke.

What are pre-rolls made of

There are different kinds of pre-rolls out there depending on their construction.

  • Classic Doobie: This is your standard pre-rolled joint, and it’s composed of only weed.
  • The King Sized Doobie: It’s like the classic doobie, but it’s slightly bigger and filled with more weed.
  • Half O Funnel Bowl: A pre-rolled joint that comes in the shape of a funnel bowl complete with all the necessary materials to smoke it.
  • Pure Hemp Pre Roll: These are just like regular joints, but they’re made out of pure hemp rolling paper instead of normal ones. They burn slower than other types because
  • The Dipped Doobie or The Snake In the Grass: This is a pre-rolled joint that already comes with your favorite kind of hash oil or wax on it.
  • The Dipped & Rolled Doobie: This is a pre-rolled joint that already comes with your favorite kind of hash oil or wax on it, AND it’s also dipped in kief.
  • Caviar Joints/moonrocks: These pre-rolls are no joke when it comes to potency. It’s a regular pre-roll, but it has cannabis oil in the center. It’s considered one of the strongest joints out there, so proceed with caution if you’re new to smoking!
  • Cannabis Cigarettes: These are pre-rolled joints that come to the size of a cigarette and with no tobacco inside.
  • Rolling Stones: This is a half and half joint, which means it’s half composed of regular rolling paper and half composed of rolling hemp paper. They even have different flavors, such as strawberry and blueberry!
  • The Classic Blunt: This blunt means it’s wrapped in a whole tobacco leaf instead of regular rolling paper.
  • Kief joints: This is a pre-rolled joint that comes with kief inside instead of crushed flower.
  • Honey oil joints/dabs: These are pre-rolled joints filled with cannabis oil instead of bud. They give a much stronger high than a regular joint, and they only take a few seconds to smoke! They sometimes come with pure, clean CBD extract on them too.
  • Lemon Haze Joints: These are similar to the classic doobie, except they have lemon haze kief sprinkled on top or infused in the center.

Are pre-rolls worth it?

Yes! Pre-rolls are cheaper and more convenient than buying loose flowers or buds from a dispensary. They’re also much easier to carry around in your pocket for on-the-go use. There’s no waiting period, and they take about the same amount of time to get high as well! Get yours from the Green Scorpion Organics today.

No Rec? No problem!

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